Track Dynamics, Advanced Simulation and Design Innovation

Research Program 1

 Program 1 will focus on innovative design and construction technologies to accommodate increased axle loads and train speeds for heavy haul tracks whilst also improving safety and stability. Fundamentals of ground structure interaction mechanisms, digital process simulations, study of cyclic load deformation response of track components and substructure materials and wheel-rail interface dynamics will be integrated to develop rigorous track design solutions through understanding of composite material behavior. This program also encourages new manufacturing approaches for intelligent vibratory rollers. The aim is to pioneer new methods of analysis for track design, tackling train/track interaction problems including excessive noise and vibration, passenger comfort, ballast degradation and progressive track misalignment.

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LIEF-National Testing Facility For High Speed Rail (FCTHSR), Drop-weight Impact Rigs, thermo-mechanical welding simulator, Laser Doppler, Numerical software (e.g. ABAQUS, PFC3D), bespoke codes.