Materials Selection and Construction Processes

Research Program 2

Program 2 will focus on new fabrication processes including at the nano-scale for track components from both natural and synthetic materials manufactured/processed in Australia including steel rail, insulated rail joints, concrete sleepers, quarried aggregates (ballast and sub-ballast), rubber and plastic inclusions. Limited research has been done to enhance composite materials performance under fatigue i.e. sleeper-rail fastener-wheel assembly and the deformational characteristics of a single material zone (i.e. ballast layer) under harsh dynamic loading which often leads to particle degradation, fatigue, yielding and fracturing of track components. ITTC-Rail will examine the behavior of track components via an integrated program of field and laboratory testing using innovative field instrumentation.

Program Leaders

Chief Investigators

Partner Organisations

NuRock, IT, Geofrontiers, Tensar, TfNSW


LIEF-FCTHSR, 3D laser scanning microscope system, ultra-thin strip rolling mill, dynamic pavement and track simulator, 3D printers, tribological roller-on-disk test rig, software (MARC, DEFORM, MATLAB), and field trial